Ashley Williams (normally just shorten as Ash) is a time-traveling (and sometimes universe-hopping) demon fighter and S-Mart employee. Though many variations of Ash exist across the multiverse, many share a somewhat similar origin of being the lone survivor of a demon attack during a weekend trip to an isolated cabin in the mountains. This assault of the undead ends up costing Ash his hand (replacing in with a chainsaw) and sends him back in time to medieval England, courtesy of a book called The Necronomicon.

The most notable differences between the Ashes of the multiverse begin to appear following Ash's return from England. Some choose to continue to fight against evil, some go back to a quiet life at S-Mart, and some are fortunate enough to never face the forces of the supernatural in the first place. No matter what the case may be, all versions of Ashley Williams will be called upon at some point to become the guardian of the gateway between Hell and Earth.

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Alternate Reality Versions


Alternate Reality Versions

Ashley Williams
Ash and the Army of Darkness Universe
(AatAoD Universe)
Ashley Williams
Ash Williams became President
Ashley Williams
Ash Williams Became the Guardian of Hell's Gateway
Ashley K Williams
Ashley K. Williams
Home to Ashley K. Williams


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