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While he was still a child, Bart and his parents traveled to an unknown part of Australia, his parents were killed by a tribe of aborigines due to them thinking the family didn't belong in their lands, Bart himself was then set to be burned alive as a sacrifice, fortunately, a storm put out the fire and the tribe saw this as a sign that they should raise the child.

Subsequently, Bart was trained by the then king of the tribe, learning their ways and ultimately defeating the king himself, assuming that title by right of combat, he then was given the ceremonial wardrobe of the tribe and returned to the United States, where he wore it as his superhero costume, using his expert marksman skills to become a street vigilante known as the Death-Defying 'Devil.

Giving up his stripes[]

When the Fighting Yank started capturing all of his fellow heroes in the Urn of Pandora, Bart realized what was going on and even agreed with it, but having realized that his costume was sentient, he decided tu put that in the urn along with one of his boomerangs and some of his blood (respecting the tradition of the tribe that raised him), after that he leaves keeping one of his boomerangs to himself so he can remember his time as a hero.

Bart then supposedly retires from his superhero persona and eventually dies in 1987.

After having been trapped in the Urn of Pandora by the Fighting Yank for 60 years, Bart's costume emerged in Paris, now fully in control and adopting the identity of his former user.


Enhanced Agility

Enhanced Stamina



Unarmed Combat (Basic)

Weapon Expert


  • Bart Hill's costume: Ceremonial wardrobe that the tribe of Aborigines gives Bart after becoming the new King.
  • Boomerangs