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"Hheeeennnhh Hheeeennnhh I did things"
Black Noir[src]



Black Noir was created as a direct clone of The Homelander created with refined Compound-V by Vought-American as a fail-safe to kill Homelander if he ever overstepped his bounds. Noir eventually became a member of The Seven in order to get close to Homelander and kill him if he ever overstepped his bounds.[1]

Going Crazy[]

However, as years passed and Black Noir was unable to fulfill the one reason he was created for, he grew increasingly more psychotic as he waited to fulfill his purpose.[2] Black Noir then decided to fabricate his own situation, by framing Homelander for various crimes. Noir commited various atrocities in the Homelander's costume, such as cannibalising children, murdering women, raping Becky Butcher and even leaving her pregnant.[3][4]

Plane Incident[]

During 9/11, The Seven tried to save one of the planes. Black Noir was being carried by Lamplighter and The Deep until the latter got hit by the plane, letting go of Black Noir and letting him fall to the ground, though he managed to survive said fall, with the rest of the team not knowing how he did it as they didn't know about his clone status. The rest of the team fumbled the whole mission, killing passengers and crashing the plane as Noir was supposed to be the pilot.[5]


During the Herogasm superhero retrieve, Black Noir found Wee Hughie, a member of The Boys, in the sewers, he kidnapped him and briefly raped/fingered him, leaving Hughie traumatized by the event.[6]

Over the Hill[]

Eventually at the White House, during Homelander's takeover, Noir revealed his true purpose to Billy Butcher and Homelander. Homelander snapped, but Noir overpowered and killed him. Still, though victorious, Noir received heavy damage from the former friend's rampage, remaining disemboweled, without part of the skull and heavily burned on all the body. The US military intervened, attacking him with tank and gunfire, furtherly damaging him and, by doing so, allowing Billy to literally crack open his skull with a crowbar and crush his brain to finally kill him.[7]




  • Black Noir is a parody of Batman.


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