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Quotes by John Reid (Earth-818793)Edit

Quote1 Long, long ago, his Indian friend said, "Kemosabe, you'll one day tell your grandchildren how you watched the old west disappear". Quote2
--John Reid (Earth-818793)
Quote1 My father told me about the hero known as Zorro. If that hero has been killed without honor...The Lone Ranger is needed. Quote2
--John Reid (Earth-818793)

Conversations with John Reid (Earth-818793)Edit

Lone Ranger 05 Cover C
The Lone Ranger
It's time we let the next generation take care of business.
Conversation Tail
Our bodies may falter, but our spirits soar! Let us have one last adventure together! Let "Uncle John" rest tonight. Be "Kemosabe" again.
Conversation Tail
The Lone Ranger/Green Hornet #4

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