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"I did this for me. Not some corporate faggot wiping up his cum with banknotes. Me. Because I alone have the might--I can take what's mine, I don't have to share, and that makes this whole fucking shitball my birthright...!"
―The Homelander[src]

The Homelander (first name John) is an evil supe, the leader of The Seven and the arch-nemesis of Billy Butcher as he was being thought to be the one who raped his wife. Homelander is seen as the greatest superhero to the public.


Meeting Starlight[]

Homelander was supposed to escort Starlight, the Seven's new member and replacement for Lamplighter, while showing her their headquarters. Right after the tour, Homelander demanded that Starlight engage in oral sex with him and two other members of the Seven, A-Train and Black Noir. Homelander claimed that they weren't going to force themselves on her, but also said that it was simply a question of how much she wanted to be on the Seven.

Homelander's true colors

He was later seen holding a meeting of the Seven where he officially introduced Starlight as their new member and discussed about merchandising with the rest of his team, however, Homelander catched A-Train making a slurping gesture to Starlight in the middle of the meeting and was later seen threatening him so that he would never do that again in front of a Vought-American member.[1]

Over the Hill[]

During Homelander's takeover of the White House, Billy Butcher confronted him one last time, Homelander stating that he had no recollection of doing anything to Billy's wife, aswell as not remembering anything about the pictures they used to blackmail him. Right in that moment, they both were interrupted by Black Noir, who revealed himself to be a clone of Homelander created by Vought to spy on him and kill him if needed.

Homelanders attacks Black Noir

Black Noir also revealed that he was the one responsible for all the horrible acts Homelander thought he did (including raping Butcher's wife). After realizing that he became a psycho over things he didn't even do, Homelander became enraged and attempted to kill Black Noir for what he did but was ultimately killed by Noir after a bloody fight. It was later seen that all that was left of Homelander was his chest and one arm that was being carried by Black Noir.[2]



  • He is a parody of Superman.