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Risqué Cover

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Risqué Cover
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Risque Cover; Nude Cover

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Risqué Covers often contain some form of nudity or other suggestive content. Not all Risqué Covers include nudity as some may have a suggestive pose or a character with torn clothing instead.


  • This should not be confused with scantly clad characters or revealing costumes, as they are often normal covers.
  • Most Risqué Covers are censored on the Dynamite Entertainment site, and must be censored for this wiki if certain areas are uncovered.


  • Risqué is defined as "slightly indecent and liable to shock".
    • Despite a lot of the covers fitting this description, it is important to note that Dynamite only consider some to be Risqué, often noted in the cover galleries or on their site.

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