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The Cabin

The Cabin
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The Cabin; The Knowby Cabin

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The Cabin is a small wooden shack located in the mountains of Michigan. Once owned by the Knowby family, the cabin and the property around it was the backdrop to a series of horrific events involving the accidental unleashing of Deadites, undead spirits that feast upon the souls of the living. Across the many universes in which it exists, the cabin also serves as the "birthplace" of Ash Williams, who upon having his first encounter with the Deadites there takes the first steps in fulfilling an ancient prophecy to become humanity's "Chosen One".


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  • The Cabin was first seen in Sam Raimi's 1981 film The Evil Dead and later in it's subsequent sequels Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness. While Dynamite Entertainment has the license to produce comics based on elements from the third film in the Evil Dead franchise (Army of Darkness), the cabin featured in their comics takes heavy inspiration from it's design in the Evil Dead II film.

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